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Activating Bengali Keyboard Input with SCIM on Fedora

Often I come across queries about activating bengali input on scim. So here is how it works.

During Installation:

You can choose "Bengali Language Support" from "Languages" and all the required packages should be installed.

In case you did not choose that then after installation you can use the following command to get them:

yum groupinstall bengali-support

Package check:

Check if the following packages have been installed:


If not, please install them.

Restart scim using the following command.


That should work. If not then restart X.

Once all the packages are in place one has to configure SCIM.

Use the following command to bring up the scim setup dialog


Set the Trigger: The Trigger hot-key should let you toggle between english and bengali input.

For this, from the scim-setup dialog select

FrontEnd=>Global Setup => Hotkeys=>Trigger

Most of the time it is "Control+Space". If the field is not set or you would like a different hotkey then click on the ... button next to the field and reset the value.

Next check if the bengali input method is set up:

IMEngine=>Global Setup

"Bengali" should be in the list displayed under "Installed Input Method Services"
Click on the arrow next to it and expand the list.

There are 3 bengali input methods in Fedora:


Ensure that all the checkboxes are selected.

(If bengali is not listed...please ensure that the package m17n-db-bengali is installed.)

Save the changes and quit.

Restart scim:


You are ready to use scim.

To test the results:

@ Open an editor
@ Press the trigger hotkey, lets assume Control+Space, to toggle between english and other keyboard
@ A small box should be displayed on the bottom right corner of the editor's screen
@ Click on it to choose the input method that you would like to use.

I use probhat as, being phonetic it is easy to use  and besides I have been using it for quite some time. A picture of the keyboard layout is here.

Alternatively, to activate scim on the editor:

right-click=>Select Input Method=>scim

should also display the scim menu.

@ Make sure that the im-chooser package installed.
@ Start im-chooser by typing "im-chooser" in the terminal. (non-root shell should not be a problem)
@ Select the last radio-button i.e. "Use Custom Input Method" => "Scim" and click on "Close"

The settings are saved. You'll need to log-in again to get the changes to take effect.
[Thanks dd for the reminder]

And you are ready to start writing in bengali. ভালো থাকুন।
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